Win A Sterling Silver Charm

MomsinVegas has a great giveaway! Read the fabulous site at and have a chance to win a sterling silver necklace from Lauren Nicole Gifts! The jewelries are hand-made and intricately crafted with great care. It can be personalized and serves as an adorable gift to your special someone or if you got it, just simply flaunt it! The picture, particularly on the left side is my favorite since it generally describes me- yes, i’m a lucky mom with my first son who is now 9 months old, but, the image on the right side is perfect (if i can only choose the letter, definitely it’s letter A). It would be a great gift for me since it is the initial of my would-be husband and my son! Imagine a solid sterling silver wax seal charm on a leather cord with a sterling silver clasp- that would be so lovely! Cross fingers! ;))

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3 thoughts on “Win A Sterling Silver Charm

  1. Hello – You won this necklace from Moms in Vegas! Please message me so I can put you in contact with Lauren Nicole Gifts to order your Wax Seal Necklace – congratulations!

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