Apple iPhone 5: The Release

Thinner, lighter design. So much more than before. And so much less, too. The latest iPhone version, one of the best-selling smartphone in the market, was announced yesterday at a media event in San Francisco, California, USA. The long awaited gadget by the technophiles was in fact a sleeker, faster, and taller than its predecessor. It is 18% thinner, 12% less volume and 20% lighter! With its powerful A6 chip processor, performance and graphics load twice as fast and with battery life to spare. iOs 6, the world’s most advanced operating system is already installed on the phone. The all-new earpods was also redesigned resulting to an improved and better audio experience. Expect ultra fast speed and connectivity because iPhone 5 does LTE the right way and even supports the advanced networks like HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA. Since it has larger screen, one can the vibrant and vivid larger display of the smartphone. The other features are enhanced iSight camera, reversible mini lightning connector, vector-based maps, experience Siri being more knowledgeable, a built-in iCloud, etc.

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Sincerely Sweet Boutique Giveaway

Angel and Judy is giving away a fancy bracelet to one lucky person!

“A feminine bracelet that features tea leaves detailed toggle clasp, tea party themed charms, and a harmonious combination of pink, mint green, and white translucent beads. Charms include a tea cup, tea pot, tea bag, cupcake, clock, spoon, and a fork.”

And here’s my entry:
September 12, 2012 8:56 PM
Hi. This must be a coincidence but I must confess that my fave item is non other than Item 10014500 or the giveaway item itself! It’s no wonder why this charming jewelry is a bestseller from! This is a regal must-have! The tea time charm bracelet is a stylish and unique accessory! cross fingers 😉

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The Original Skin from England: T-shirt Giveaway

The Original Skin is a brand new clothing label based in the United Kingdom. It offers an array of t-shirts for men and women. They recently released their first collection with the theme, “Nostalgia”. It has four designs namely:
1. The Original Newspaper Print
( favorite!)
Freedom of speech & press: This design recalls the rich yet ever evolving history of printed media. We believe there is something romantic about our use of language, something that conveys meaning, just like identity and personal style. Language is after all a statement.
2. The Original Octopus
Freedom of movement: This design is entitled, “Octopus” – Yes we know… Original right?! Looking back through the age of discovery and the blending of cultures across the globe. This illustration, a memory of what was deemed to be a mystical, yet beautiful creature, is a throwback to when we found beauty in the unknown. The same is true today. There will always be beauty in exploration and adventure.
3. The Original Pin Up Girl
Freedom and equality in Gender & Sexuality: This piece is entitled “Pin-up”. A woman sits provocatively contemplating the the men who joust around, with humour as their tool, vying for her attention. This bold design is a statement to how we as people can be empowered. This rather cheeky design is something we feel captures the very essence of humor and desire. A truly inviting piece.
4. The Original Rosa Parks
Freedom (fight for), civil rights: This design is that of the inspiration historical figure of Rosa Parks, A key civil rights activist in the United States, fighting oppression and the lack of civil liberties. In our collection – Rosa Parks is seen upholding a quote from Nietzsche, a globally renowned German philosopher, stating “Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color”. This piece aims to bring about bold feelings of how many people struggled and indeed do still struggle in the fight against prejudice. This statement piece is a symbol of acceptance, liberty and freedom in our society.

The four exclusive designs were meticulously planned and was targeted for people who want to make a statement and make someone feel comfortable from a simple but fashionable wear. The Original Skin creates eye-catching, thought-provoking clothing made of carefully selected quality materials. Their online store launch exclusive offers 50% discount on their products plus the availability of worldwide shipping! The price dropped to £19.99 from £39.99. Check their site to join their first giveaway with a free t-shirt up for grab! The image above is my entry for their giveaway! That’s my presentation of nostalgia. Cross fingers! 😉

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Giveaway: Win a Brand New 16GB Apple iPod Touch

In lieu of the 1st Anniversary of DesignRShub, a website providing high quality designs and inspirations founded by Manuel Garcia on July 2011, there will be one lucky winner who will receive a brand new 16GB Apple Ipod Touch. It is open worldwide and will end on September 30, 2012. With the facetime feature, this will enable users to call each other for free without extra fees! Internet connection is needed and voila- you’re good to see your friends in real-time video. Fancy eh? The gadget is also wifi-ready with Safari as the default browser. One can zoom in and out the webpage, play music, freely chat through other Apple users via IMessage, view pdf/word files, etc. Try your luck and who knows? You may win!

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