Disabled Instagram Account: SOS

I need help. I already emailed your support team today. You see, my cousin borrowed this phone months ago and when I got it back, I can no longer sign in to my IG account. Much to my dismay, I thought the application was only experiencing a glitch back then. Just today, I googled a disabled IG account and found out the possibilities of bypassing your rules thus, made an assumption: someone violated your rules using my phone. The thought was annoying because I was the one who suffered the consequences. Then it hit me- my cousin or his friends may be the violators. Aargh! I personally confronted my cousin this morning and he told me what happened. In his arrogrance and ignorance, he did let his friends use my phone without my permission. Since we cannot persuade his friends to admit their mistakes, in behalf of them, let me say sorry to Instagram for whatever bad that happened. Please unblock my account and I swear this would never ever happen again. Although it wasn’t totally disabled since I can still use the account on other devices, i cannot sign-in nor register a new one using this iPhone 4S that I am using. Aww, i miss using Instagram.

Thanks IG!

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