Asus HD 7870 Direct CU II Giveaway – PHILS

Deploy the Cool.
Reign in Silence.
20% cooler with exclusive DirectCU II thermal solution.
AMD HD3D Technology.
Software CrossFire X Support.
AMD Eyefinity Technology.

What must I say? Seems I am at loss for words.

Well, who would not want to own a Pitcairn generation video card with a game-changing architecture of 1280 Graphics Core Next
stream processors? The Radeon HD 7870 Direct CU II made by ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (trading as Asus) offers performance-hungry enthusiasts (AKA gamers) the edge (in terms of quality, plus the stability) that they need when gaming.

This is the second card in AMD’s line-up to be termed as ‘GigaHertz Edition’. The Radeon HD 7870 GPU itself is comprised of 2.8 billion transistors packed into 1280 stream processors with 2 GB of GDDR5, VRAM clock speed of 1250MHz (4.80-5 GHz effective) and a graphics processing unit/visual processing unit of 1GHZ. ASUS loaded this custom video card up with its Super Alloy Power components and boasts that these power components are highly magnetic, heat-resistant
and anti-corrosive. Without a doubt, this powerful and special edition graphics card with 28nm fabrication process is a blast for the tagged price. This is further evidenced by the result of
3DMark11 of FutureMark Corporation in terms of performance preset of the CPU workload capabilities and 3D Graphics Rendering of a computer: First is the Zotac GTX 680, second in line is the ASUS HD 7970 Direct CU II, with this babe ranking as third. The card is striking, an all-black PCB with an exposed aluminum heatsinks and an extravagant cooling solution to ensure lesser noise and lower operating
temperatures. For easy installation, it has a modest dual-slot design and even has multiple connectivity options including HDMI, D-Sub, DisplayPort, DVI-I port. Furthermore, it has full support for PCIE 3.0, DirectX 11, CrossFire X and AMD’s HD3D technology.

This fab giveaway would not be made possible had it not been for these trio of dynamic tech enthusiast and PC advocates: (With drums rolling with the background music of Thank you Abe, Paul and Winslow of TeamTechSquad! (FYI Abe Olandres is an internationally acclaimed tech blogger, founder of (the biggest tech blog in the country), country manager of NuffNang.PH as well as a gadget/technology enthusiast. Paul Tan is an internationally acclaimed case modder, DIY PC enthusiast, photographer and graphic artist while Winslow Co, is an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and former marketing executive of a global IT company.) The chance to own one is already a privilege, what more if I will be chosen to snag and bring home this baby? That would be awesome, right?! I bet no one would even dare to disagree. So why should I win it? Optimization of its usage will be guaranteed. We only have one desktop computer (in fact- no console, laptop, and a tablet PC) being shared by my family, and so far, this would really
be the biggest upgrade. So again, why me? I am a fan of Asus. Being a billion dollar company in the computer industry, Asus show their care towards Mother Earth by launching programs like Green Asus, PC Recycling for a Brighter Future, etc. It was even recognized as a “highly environmental friendly company” and had garnered awards and certification for their energy-saving products. (This year alone, the graphics board of the company has received 18 awards worldwide.) Like a typical adolescent, yes at times, I have my mischievous days but hey, I’m a good daughter. This video adapter will be the perfect gift for the upcoming 50th birthday of my dad this March 5. Hurrah! My dad is so addicted to playing GameHouse and with this, he will have the chance to explore more high-definition RPGs and my mom will be pleased to not grant my wish of having a brand new computer (since it is so not practical nowadays). In addition, I have studied hard for my
parents to be proud of me and just this year, I was among the Top 10 students in our class. With all of the workload of an ordinary student, this is my chance to have a break and enjoy the gaming world. Aside from GameHouse, the other games that we have tried playing with our PC are Plants and Zombies, Counter Strike (offline version) and Battle Realm. My Achi (big sister) was not able to play Battlefield since our former display adapter does not meet the needed specs. (So, upon winning, we could try out playing BattleField3, which according to reviews is a treat and nightmare for graphics card so we can attest the quality that Asus offers.) Our CPU alone (since the humongous monitor had barred down just last year) was the original one since 1990, the time when my Achi begged for my mom to buy one. With the possibility of winning this gorgeous, my Shobe would be so grateful to watch and stream High-Definition movies. The original casing of our CPU was the dirty-white metal one and after years of persistent repairs, it was changed with a new black casing and an old Intel Card was sold to my mom by her colleague. Still not convinced? My two-day effort paved way to a significant post in my blog (which is actually in favor of giving you more stats and promoting your site, BTW, the first image above shows another reason that I am totally in dire need of the a Brand New Asus Radeon HD 7870 Direct CU II. The website has over 600, 000 videocards benchmarked and the current one that I have is an Intel G33/G31 Express. The graph is self-explanatory and only concludes that in comparison to the other products, mine flunked in terms of PassMark G3D Mark. The second image is a screenshot of the said card and as you can see, I am not that happy using it. For goodness sake, I can’t even install Adobe Photoshop on it since my current one lags..a lot! For the sponsors, two thumbs up! As for me, cross fingers and wish me luck! Cheers!

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