Win a Gift for Someone you Love

Win a Gift for Someone you Love

“If you were given a bag full of beautiful products from Sample Room, who do you want to give this gift to, and why?”

My mom deserves the best in this world, and If I will be chosen to win these fabulous products I will give it to her. She was a good mother to us and a role model as well so definitely, she needs to be pampered with love. Had it not been for our moms, we would not be here. With proper guidance and upbringing, she helped me become a better person. Now, that I have a 2-year old son, I have personally experienced all the sacrifices of our parents. I thought it was all about providing a ton of accoutrements but it’s not. Material things are not meant to last but what a child needs the most is our presence, patience, and love. If ever I won, my gratitude to SampleRoomPH would last for a lifetime. Goodluck to all the participants. Merry Christmas everyone!


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